Workshops + Collaborations

The Adventures of Wynk

Provides an interactive arts based approach to history, language arts, and visual arts that spark conversation surrounding historical issues and their relevance today.

  • Wynk visits MICDS

    "The highlight of collaborating with Shevare’ was the day of her visit. From her engaging presentation and poetry of Wynk to how she interacted with the students, it made for a day of creativity and personal expression. .  The experiences my students had with Ms. Perry are surely something they will remember for a long time." -Sarah Garner Visual Arts Specialist MICDS

  • Wynk visits New City School

    Thank you SO much for being with us on Tuesday!!!  You were amazing and the kids loved it. Even on the last day of classes...which is VERY impressive!!  :-) 

  • Wynk Spends time in Old North St. Louis

    At the blink of an eye, I appear

    2600 North 14th

    Old North! I AM HERE!


    Straight ahead of me

    I see-

  • St. Louis Art Museum- If It Wasn't for the Women: Reimagining Portraiture and Power

    A celebration of women in the arts as panelist discuss how they reimagine portraiture and depict power of female subjects in their work

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About Shevare'


Shevare’ Perry is a multifaceted artist and educator who explores the overlap of visual art and poetry.  Her outlets of artistic expression are 3D mixed media collage paired with poetic dialogue.  She hopes to use art as an instrument to ignite conversation and education concerning social and racial injustice.


In her latest project, The Adventures of Wynk, all of her interests come together. Using 3D mix media collages complemented with a poetic journey through time, Shevare’ highlights women icons and how they succeeded. 

She believes poetic story telling with dynamic animated presentations is a catalyst to spark dialogue, share history, and increase creative approaches to language arts.


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